CarlWiki is a wiki run using MediaWiki, the open-source wiki software created for the massive open-content Wikipedia project. For more information on CarlWiki’s history and its present status at Carleton, see the CarlWiki topic.

And we use wordpress at 2021.

Frequently asked questions

What is a wiki?
A “wiki” (so called because of a Hawaiian word for “fast”) is a special type of website, designed so that almost every page can be edited quickly and easily by anyone, allowing a large number of people to contribute to a website as a common project. The largest and most well-known wiki currently in existence is Wikipedia, a massive, 100% free encyclopedia with hundreds of thousands of articles. However, there are many other wikis on the internet, ranging from private wikis used by businesses to the fan-made Homestar Runner Wiki.

One of the advantages of the Mediawiki software that CarlWiki uses is that every page has its own “discussion” or “talk” page. You can get to this page by clicking on the tab tabeled discussion at the top of any page. For more information on participating in discussions, see the Help page.

For more information about wikis in general, read the Wikipedia article on wikis.

What makes CarlWiki useful?
Carleton students love online communities, as their intensive use of Caucus and large-scale membership on Thefacebook suggests. In that tradition, CarlWiki was born. Possible uses include:

Course pages: Anyone can start a page for any class taught at Carleton, and upload useful information such as syllabi and schedules. More importantly, class pages offer a place for students to get in touch with each other by posting questions.
History: CarlWiki is a great place to write about the rich history of Carleton College! Currently, that history is hidden deep in the darkness of Gould Library. Through CarlWiki, that history will become more accessible to everyone.
Lingo: Carleton has its own language; doesn’t it deserve its own dictionary? The next time you don’t understand any of the clever abbreviations frequently employed by Carls, try a search for it.
Basic stuff, like descriptions of the buildings, computer labs, and other stuff that the Carleton website often only provides sketchy information on.
Also, because CarlWiki is publically accessible (unlike Caucus), it’s a great place for prospies, alumni, or even townies, to learn a thing or two about Carleton. Perhaps they’re interested in the quality of our debate team, or the latest volunteer work by ACT.

Who’s paying for this?
CarlWiki is run by and financed by Carleton alumni. There are no fees or advertising.

How do I get started?
You should start an account, and use it whenever you contribute. This will allow your work to be properly attributed to you, and also let you take part in discussions. With an account you can begin making pages or updating those already in existence on any topic that interests you.